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Dynamic Reformer Pilates Clapham was set up by Polly Webb,  a fully qualified Stott Pilates Reformer instructor, who trained in New York at one of the  world's most renowned Pilates Institutes in the world.   She was further trained by one of London's leading pilates academies in Dynamic PIlates to offer highly intensive workouts. Polly is also trained in Stott Mat Pilates, is a Level 3 Reps Personal Trainer and is also qualified in GP and Exercise Referral to teach clients with specific medical conditions. Polly is passionate about pilates and its many benefits - simply because it works.

Polly has over 15 years of experience and has developed a  unique style of training to ensure you see and feel the results fast.   Sessions are designed to work muscle groups to the core, driving maximum sculpting of the physique through the strenghening and lengthening of muscle fibres as well as increased calorific burn.   The sessions are based on the isolate, fatigue and stretch principle and incorporate resistance training - working the muscles to fatigue.    The result is a highly effective body sculpting workout, improving postures and builiding lean muscles. Sessions are uniquely tailored to each client and can also include a mix of both reformer  and mat pilates , TRX and Swiss Ball- depending on your goals.

Whether your goal is intensive toning , sculpting of the physique and a full body workout which will burn calories, or to improve flexibility and address any postural issues,  or to get back into shape post birth, Dynamic Pilates Battersea will ensure dramatic results.  Polly has an extensive knowledge of all muscles and the most effective exercises  and method to isolate and target the areas of concern.


Polly has  has a thorough knowledge of anatomy, is highly skilled at posture analysis and liaises with physiotherapists to ensure clients receive the best care and recovery programme tailored to their needs. The lessons are taught in a large bright attic studio or at client's homes are results driven, highly effective and vibrant.  

Reformer Pilates Clapham- polly@reformerpilatesclapham.co.uk  07736 795683

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