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Why Reformer Pilates @ Reformer Pilates Clapham

Reformer Pilates and Mat Pilates is a unique and highly effective approach to exercise that develops body awareness and improves and changes the body's postural habits, targeting the deep core abdominal and back muscles.  It stretches, strengthens and streamlines the muscles, creating a firm, toned, flexible and balanced body.  It concentrates the mind, encourages correct breathing, promotes good joint mobility and increases bone density.


Dynamic Reformer Pilates classes is machine based full body core conditioning workout is designed to progressively work muscle groups to the core, driving maximum sculpting of the physique through increased caloric burn as well as the lengthening and strengthening of muscle fibers.  Classes are  challenging and focus on strengthening the entire body to perform and function optimally whilst at the same time giving you a great workout and leaving you felling empowered.

There is a vast repertoire of exercises, and effects are quickly felt and seen.  The key to success and long-lasting results is precise teaching that emphasises good form, body awareness both in and outside of class, and progression appropriate to each individual client. Many of our clients find relief from back, neck or other pain in just a few sessions as their core strength and awareness improves.

At Dynamic Reformer Pilates Battersea we ensure a highly effective and safe workout to strenghten, tone and stretch and facilitate good posture.  Just a few of the benefits of reformer pilates

- Create long lean muscles

- Strengthen core muscles without bulk

- Increase muscle endurance

- Improve and correct postural issues

- Improve flexibility

- Relieve aches and pains - particularly back and neck problems