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What The Clients Say........​


"Working with Polly has been hugely beneficial to me. I came to her with injury / rehabilitation issues and to increase my fitness and muscle definition, all of these have been achieved and in a very short space of time. Results are noticeable almost immediately and Polly's firm but fun approach is a joy."

Annalie, Consultant, Clapham


" I have a trainer in Lebanon, Dubai and now I have Polly - one of the best trainers I have worked with"

Nadia, South Kensington


" For the first time in 3 years I have been able to confidently wear sleeveless tops - thank you Polly for transforming my figure"

Sophie,  Company Director, Fulham


It is a delight doing reformer Pilates with Polly and I look forward to every session. I have an issue with my nervous system that effects my legs and she has gone above and beyond in learning about it and tailoring the classes to exactly suit my needs. The sessions are challenging and there is always a way to progress  with each exercise which gives variety and makes it very rewarding when you master a tricky one. Polly is a naturally upbeat and motivational trainer who really knows her stuff, giving me so much confidence in what she is teaching me and the exercises we do. Having had just 12 sessions the results also speak for themselves, my muscle tone has increased (Polly knows exactly where to target – bum/waist/thighs/back of arms)- I have had lots of comments from friends, my posture improved and generally my clothes feel better. More than that though -  my condition is improving and through Polly’s expert programme for me I am managing to do more and more with my legs. I couldn’t recommend Polly more – I am so happy to have found such a great trainer who challenges me and makes exercise rewarding whilst whittling my waist line! '

Lottie, Insurance, Battersea


" Amazing results - thank you for giving me a body I was proud of for my wedding.  On my wedding day I had numerous comments on how toned my arms looked.  Polly is a very skilled trainer who ensured my goals were achieved'

Lucia,  Fulham


"Polly is a dream! I came to her wanting to get fit, tone up and increase my core strength and flexibility, especially before I hit the beach this summer, and she helped me achieved all these things. Her sessions where focused, well planned and most importantly fun. I looked forward to exercising. I shall definitely be back."

Miranda, Make-Up Artist, Pimlico


"I cannot recommend 1:1 sessions with Polly more. You will notice a difference in your strength very quickly and it is a great way to unwind after a stressful day! Since starting classes I have noticed a huge difference in the way I look and feel both posture and inch loss wise and I rarely get the niggling lower back pain that used to feel every day. Everyone should get on the reformer"

Christina, Finance, Balham


' After travelling a great deal for work and having had disc problems in the past my lower back had become very sore and stiff for months and thus I decided to see if pilates would help it.  After 1 week of pilates with Polly there was a noticeable difference and now a month later my back is cured.  Polly is a highly knowledgeable instructor and I would recommend her to anyone suffering with back problems.  Thank you!'

Ollie, CEO, Clapham


"I went to see Polly after suffering a slipped disc and wanted to do pilates as part of my rehabilitation. I wanted something more dynamic than regular pilates because I was used to exercising regularly before. She has a lovely attic space in which to work out and the reformer machine is an amazing piece of equipment. Polly is very patient in explaining every new exercise, and there are many which keeps me interested and challenges me in new ways every time. She very attentive and her level of care in supporting me through a difficult time continues to be second to none. After seeing her several times now I am able to do things I couldn't do before and have no back pain. I walk taller and happier every time I leave."

Kerry, Media, Battersea


"After hearing about pilates on a machine (reformers pilates) I was keen to give it a go to help target my problem areas. Some instructors and training sessions can be intimidating but Polly is absolutely amazing at making you feel at ease, talking you through every position and correcting you when you are doing it wrong which is the most valuable thing about one-on-one sessions.Every work out was tough but brilliant and I had a real sense of accomplishment after every session. Polly made sure I was really pushing my limits while maintaining correct posture and really motivated me to add an extra 5 sets here and there. Polly also advised me on nutrition which is really important if you want to achieve results. I already saw definition in my abs and legs after the first few sessions and managed to loose a total of 2 inches around my hips/bum with the one-on-one training sessions so I am extremely happy and would really recommend taking up reformers pilates with Polly as her prices are great value and you get great results!"

Cecile, Model, Clapham


"I’ve been working with Polly for about 6 weeks now and see her twice a week – and I honestly would recommend her to anyone looking to tone up. I lead a busy life and find it difficult to dedicate the time and effort to keeping fit – with Polly I’ve found the perfect combination of focus and support I need. The hour long sessions go extremely fast and you are working every single second – but we still have fun and it’s very easy to get on with Polly as even if she’s encouraging you to do another 10 reps, you are smiling (inside!) as you know the benefit you are getting. I have more energy, feel much more toned and really look forward to my sessions. The investment is definitely worth it as you are working all the time you’re together – and the reformer machine is an amazing instrument to work all those difficult to get to parts"

Alison, Finance, Battersea


Even though it's at crazy o'clock in the morning, my Pilates session is such a highlight of my week. I often go in complaining of all sorts of aches and pains (my lower back and ankle in particular have been troublesome) and come out full of life and feeling like a new woman! Polly (almost) totally without me noticing has managed to change my body from squidgy around the edges to something still far from perfect, but that I'm so much more comfortable with. Clothes fit that little bit better and I'm happier to bear my arms now summer is coming. I'm standing taller and feeling stronger. My only hesitation in recommending her highly is that she'll become so totally in demand that she won't be able to squeeze me in any more for our weekly work out and gossip!'

Tammie, Education, Battersea


"I finally have have toned gluts! I came to Polly 2 months prior to my wedding and thanks to her was able to wear my honeymoon bikini with pride. A fantastic instructor who takes no mercy when its not needed.....however time flew as the sessions were great fun. Thankyou Reformer Pilates Battersea!"

Anna, IT, Battersea


Working with Polly has been really great for me. I have suffered with lower back problems for a few years now and after having an injecton to relieve the pain i signed up to work with Polly. I worked with her intensively every day for 2 weeks in order to kick start my rehabilitation. I really needed something that was tailored to fixing my specific problems and Polly took care of this. She worked out a variety of exercises that were really suited to me and even spoke to my physio to ensure it fitted with the work that she was doing. I improved so much over the 2 weeks and was able to do much more by the end than i could at the beginning, my pain was much less than it had been at any other time and i felt much stronger. Polly is thoughtful, encouraging and very knowledgeable and i thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants to fix back problems!

Heather, Media, Battersea


"Polly has transformed my approach to fitness and my shape in the six months that I have been taking her classes. I am physically much stronger, stand taller and have toned up and slimmed down. This is money really well spent.

"Sophie, Clapham


"I discovered Polly on google and have never looked back since! After numerous trips to physiotherapists, it was actually thanks Polly and her dedication to eliminating my back pain. A great instructor and the lessons are highly enjoyable"

James, Director, Wandsworth "


I have just completed a 5 lesson course of reformer pilates with Polly and it has been a revelation. The persistant aching, primarily in my back, has all but gone! Having 1:1 attention is a real treat, allowing for lessons to be truly tailored to my individual needs rather than wasting time in a group class doing exercises that are not suitable for me. Polly is a patient, precise and well trained practioner and I would highly recommend her to anyone."

Amy, Teacher, Balham


"I became curious about Reformer Pilates after doing group mat Pilates classes for over a year, and came across Polly's website Reformer Pilates Battersea when looking to find a local instructor. With my impending return to Australia, I trained intensively with Polly aiming to tone up (particularly my lower body), get fit and be ready to get back into my bikini, and I was thrilled to feel and see the results quickly (particularly in areas I'd struggled with in the past!). Polly is an enthusiastic and motivating instructor, with extensive knowledge about Pilates and fitness, and training in her private and light-filled studio was a real pleasure!"

Kareena, Artist, Battersea


I went to Polly for a course of treatment with a stiff shoulder and other aches and pains which likely resulted from my poor posture. I was impressed with Polly’s knowledge, care and attention and her attention to detail. She designed exercises for me which targeted my problem areas but also strengthened and balanced my body. The sessions were fun and as a result of the sessions I have become stronger and fitter. I continue to do exercises she has given me, at home to maintain the toning, fitness and strength I gained with her. Thank you Polly!”

Michael, Property, Battersea


Every reformer pilates class with Polly was really enjoyable and I would instantly feel more toned after our 1 hour session.  The 1:1 classes are designed specifically for you and really focus on all of the wobbly bits we want gone! Its hard work but completely worth it and at the same time really fun as Polly is such a lovely person and you can see that she is passionate about what she does and making sure her clients get the results they want. I could not recommend Reformer Pilates Battersea more. I can’t wait for our next session!

Kerry, Design, Battersea


I wanted to thank you in writing for all your work in the last four months.  Not only are you an excellent motivator, compensating for my lack of energy levels as they fluctuate, but also excellent company.  I'm many times stronger than when I started and increasingly streamlined - I'm still putting off the Big Fast, we will see if I pull that one off.

Harriet, Lawyer, Battersea


Polly has guided me through my pregnancy with a course of lessons that are tailored to my own specific needs. Within a safe environment, I have been able to maintain a level of fitness with confidence and reassuring support. I thoroughly enjoy my Pilates lesson and I always leave feeling more positive and energized!


Something about Reformer Pilates caught my attention and i was very curious to try it. I was so pleased to find out about Polly and her beautiful studio in her Attic in the heart of battersea. So convenient and Polly is so understanding and accommodating with the timings.  Reformer Pilates is brilliant. Having done 10 sessions with Polly and controlled diet has really helped me shed a lot of that baby fat, i was after. Polly is a great instructor. What i like about her is, she really thrives and help you achieve your goals. no small talks and straight into the sessions. she motivates you and pushes you to limits which is what one wants on a 1:1 session.  It is surely a fast and efficient way to achieve your goals.I am surely back soon. 

I can't recommend it enough!

Shilpi, Fashion, Battersea


'I really enjoyed my Pilates sessions with Polly, we got so much done in the time and my body got a lot stronger and more toned as a result. The sessions were tailored to my goals and Polly is focused on getting the maximum out of you, while still making it fun'. 

Kate, Marketing Director, Battersea


"I would highly recommend Polly's pilates instruction.  Classes are tailored to the individual's needs meaning desired results are achieved.  Polly is a true professional - I found sessions to be both effective and enjoyable"

Sarah, Finance, Clapham


Contact Polly 07736 795 683,  polly@reformerpilatesbattersea.co.uk