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The 1st 1-1 Intensive reformer pilates session will determine your posture type, what muscles need strengthening, what muscles need stretching and your goals so that a highly targetted program can be developed according to your needs/ requirements whether it be a highly intensive boot camp style workout where you see the effects fast, to improve flexibility and address postural issues or to get back into shape post birth .  We focus upon 1:1 pilates training to ensure maximum results.

Each session will provide a dynamic full body workout focusing on core stability, improved flexibility and  works on the isolate, fatigue, stretch principle ie an  increased duration of each exercise to the point of muscle fatigue - ensuring that you feel and see the results fast.

Prices  £60   Per Session (1 Hour)     Introductory Special Offer 1st Lesson - £40 1Hr 15​

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​Introductory Special Offer Packages at Dynamic Reformer Pilates Clapham - 1:1 Sessions


Reformer Pilates Intensive Get Toned Fast

A highly intensive 1:1 program suitable for any fitness level -  designed those preparing for a bikini body, a wedding or any occasion which requires quick and highly noticeable results.  Each session at Reformer Pilates Clapham will provide a dynamic full body workout focusing on muscle toning and strength, core stability, improved flexibility, muscle endurance and an increased duration of each exercise to the point of muscle fatigue - ensuring that you feel and see the results fast.  The result is a dynamic and intense 1 hour workout that burns calories rapidly and allows you to sculpt your body.  The session is tailored to client's specific requirements - with intense exercises to tone in particular front and back of thighs, bottom, abdominals and triceps - guaranteed to see results.

10 1:1  Sessions £550


Reformer Pilates Essentials

A 1:1 highly effective session with a strong focus upon increasing core stability and flexibility, strengthening, lengthening and toning muscles, addressing any postural or rehabilitation issues - ensuring that you both see and feel the results.  Incorporates exercises to increase mobility in the spine (often a cause of back pain) and strengthen the upper back muscles - reversing the effect of modern day life and sitting for too long in a flexed forward position.  Hugely beneficial for lower back pain

10 1:1 Sessions £550


Reformer Pilates Post Natal 

A highly effective 1:1 program designed by Reformer Pilates Clapham to get new Mum back into fantastic shape, tighten and tone the body, fire up and strengthen core muscles and increase fitness and energy levels - babies are welcome to attend!
10 1:1  Sessions £550


Training Session At Your Home

£130-£160 Per Session


Contact Reformer PIlates Clapham - 07736 795 683