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The 1st 1-1 Intensive reformer pilates session will include a free 20 minute posture analysis to determine your posture type, what muscles need strengthening, what muscles need stretching and your goals so that a tailored  program can be developed.  

The reformer allows muscles to work against greater resistance whilst both strengthening and lengthening them (with minimal stress on the joints and spine) and allowing the isolation of muscles groups. Each session will provide a dynamic full body workout focusing on core stability, improved flexibility and strength and an increased duration of each exercise to the point of muscle fatigue - ensuring that you feel and see the results fast.

Prices  £35   Per Session (1 Hour)/            5 x Sessions - £140 ​


Dynamic  Pilates Battersea


07736 795 683

Northcote Rd

Battersea SW11

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